Service Fees

The Autism Center in Ontario, CA accepts most major insurance plans.  Our practice is currently on panel as an "in-network provider" for primarily Inland Empire Health Plan.

We are also continuously expanding our insurance coverage network to serve members of other insurance carriers.  Currently, we are in the process of being approved for Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, and other insurance carriers.  

Please be advised that although our group practice is an "in-network provider" with the above listed insurance carriers, our individual providers also need to be an "in-network provider" for their services to be covered by the insurance carrier.  This is especially the case for the HMO plans.  Whereas, with the PPO plans, insurance carriers will provide coverage at varying rates for services rendered by our individual providers who are not an "in-network provider."  In these types of situations, the patient is generally required to submit payment for services at the time of their visit; in which case you may then be reimbursed by your insurance carrier at a later time.  We will certainly provide you with a receipt, referred to as a "superbill," so that you can follow-up with your insurance carrier about obtaining a reimbursement.

We always encourage patients to contact their insurance company, prior to their first appointment, to ensure they have obtained the most up-to-date behavioral/mental health eligibility & benefits information.  However, we also understand that information pertaining to insurance coverage can be complex.  Therefore, our center will gladly contact your insurance carrier to obtain your coverage information, upon your request.  Should you decide to have us call your insurance carrier, please be advised that at a minimum we will need the following information:  1.) Insurance Name, 2.) Insurance Telephone Number, 3.) Patient's Name, 4.) Patient's Date Of Birth, & 5.) Subscriber ID.

We also have a private pay option for those that are interested or do not have any insurance.  Our providers can offer a reduced or sliding scale fee for those experiencing a financial hardship.  Please call us directly to obtain specific information regarding our reduced or sliding scale fee option.  


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